Tuesday 26 April 2011

Seven to one

So I’ve just been for a walk through Swaby, 4 miles I guess, a walk Holly used to take me on most weekends in those glorious days when we were similar ages.

Even though the sun is shining and spring is bursting through every plant I pass, I did have a sense of melancholy as every stream, spinney and field reminded me of the long constitutionals me and my girl would take.

She was always the finest of companions on these adventures, busily pointing out places of interest that she was sure I would miss and leading me excitedly to her favourite watering holes to help me practice my stick location and throwing skills. She tirelessly indulged this hobby of mine, selflessly jumping into any amount of water no matter how deep or dirty just to fetch and chew up these sticks so I could go and find a new one to start the process again.

Holly’s not a great conversationalist but a good listener, however, saying that, she does convey more with a look than a lot of people I’m forced to endure hours of chat with.

She is still a huge fan of the garden and the great outdoors and does what she can, hoovering up the bone meal when I’ve dropped it and encouraging me to deal with the enemy sorties  (see earlier posts) but as conscientious objector she doesn’t really enter into the battle, morals which I definitely admire her for.

The sad thing now is when it comes to the customary time for walks I can see in that look she gives me from the sofa, that the minds willing but the body is letting her down. Its obvious she’s worried about how I’m going to manage on my own, finding a way through that journey of a thousand sights and million scents.

I do think that if it is true and one human year equals seven dog years, I wish I could give her one of mine so she could keep me out of trouble for another seven of hers.


  1. Lovely blog although I nearly cried!

  2. You do not know me so I will not blame you for making me cry like baby. The soft spot I have for dogs is tremendous. I lost my beloved dog July 17, 2008. It took years to even think about getting a new friend.(Bella) To watch the decline of our aging pets is one of the saddest things there is. Bella is two so I am not quite there yet again. Holly is a beauty and much loved!!

  3. This post made me blub. Holly is a beautiful girl. My dog is 8 (we think) and she still like to play like a puppy, poor girl does pay for it in stiffness the next day though.

  4. Sorry for making you cry but thank you for all your great comments, I feel I know you a lot better now. Bella is beautiful, I don't know what it is about certain dogs eyes, full of expression and love, they just make me melt.

  5. @the kitchen princes diaries
    I feel a little guilty for all the tears, but it warms my heart to know there is so many animal lovers. I know what you mean about them paying for it the next day, Holly still has mad moments on the beach, sometimes I don't know if it's for her benefit or ours. I try cod liver oil and massage after to get her moving, though trying to get her to have either is still a challenge.

  6. Beautiful . . . I'm at work and trying not to blub!

  7. Your Holly is a beauty and our Duke (20 lbs. of terror) talks to us with his eyes. Dogs are amazing creatures and sometimes I think about not having him and I can't imagine what our home will be like without him. I'm sure your Holly has many good years ahead of her.